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How can I rank better on the Search Results page?

There are many factors which Wimdu take into account when determining your position in the search results. To help you rank better on the search results page, we recommend that you read our tips below and make the necessary changes to your listing.

  • We recommend that you set a price for your property based on the average rental price in your area. You should adapt your price according to the condition of your property and the amenities offered.
  • Make sure your listing has a good number of quality photos. Quality photographs that capture the property accurately and present it in a good light encourage guests to click through. Our best performing hosts include at least one picture of each room guests have access to. Click here for more information about taking quality photos, and here for more information about our Photo Service.
  • Accept all booking requests in less than 24 hours before they expire. Your search performance will be improved if you have a higher proportion of accepted booking requests.
  • Avoid cancelling bookings. Cancelling a booking creates a one-star review for your property, which affects the performance of your property in the search results.
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