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I have several rooms to rent, how should I list them?

It is possible to rent several private rooms on Wimdu. However, you must create a separate listing for each room that you wish to rent. This is to ensure that guests are shown the correct availability and description for each room.

When creating your listing, you must select “Private room” as the property type. Automatically, the number "one" will be selected in the “Bedrooms” drop-down menu. Next, you should select the number of people the room holds from the “Accommodates” drop-down menu.

In the description of your listing, it's important that you mention that you are renting a private bedroom and not an entire apartment, villa, etc. You should accurately describe the room, and also mention any shared areas the guest can use (e.g. kitchen, living room).

Repeat these steps for each room you wish to list on Wimdu.

Click here for more information about how to create a new listing.

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