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Where can I find my VAT invoice?

To find your VAT invoice, go to the dashboard of your User Account and click on ‘Profile settings’. Click on ‘Invoices’ to find your VAT invoice. The invoice can be downloaded here each month.


Update 29th of November, 2016

We have recently sent out an official email regarding invoices, which we’d like to clarify.

Due to technical issues, we had to replace all invoices from January 2015 to present date.

If you have changed your account’s Payout options during this period, we kindly ask you to sign in to your Wimdu account, go to Payment Settings and make any necessary changes until November 30, to make sure all information is properly up-to-date.

Your new invoices will be available in early December 2016, and you can find them in the Invoices section of your Profile Settings.

Thank you.

Payment settings:

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