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How can I improve the quality of my listing?

We suggest the following tips to help you enhance your listing:

  • Write a title that highlights the best features of your property. We recommend a maximum of 35 characters and that you avoid abbreviations.
  • Describe your property by including information about the property type, style, number of rooms, amenities, features, etc. Ideally your description should be 130 words (minimum 60 and max 500 words) and should be structured into short paragraphs. Be sure to mention if you have pets in case your guests have allergies.
  • Include information about the neighbourhood. Guests like to know what kind of activities, restaurants, transport and tourist attractions are nearby.
  • Check for spelling or grammar mistakes and make sure you truthfully describe the property using easy to read language. 
  • Any extra fees (i.e. security deposit) and rules guests need to follow (i.e. no parties) should be clearly stated in the ‘House Rules’ section. Please note that you should make guests aware of any extra fees they need to pay BEFORE they book. Here you can also include information about extra services you offer such as airport pick-up, cleaning service, breakfast, etc.
  • Check all the amenities fields that your property has as guests often search for properties by filtering the amenities.

Upload a good number of high-quality pictures that show your listing truthfully. To ensure that your pictures will appeal to potential guests:

  • Upload at least 10 pictures of your place, making sure to include every room.
  • Take photos from the corner of the room and at waist height to get the best angle.
  • Only upload photos in landscape orientation.
  • Be sure to tick the right amenities applicable to your guest.
  • Make sure your property is clean and tidy, but be sure to leave enough storage space for guests.
  • Make sure there is plenty of light when taking the photos.

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