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How can I submit a review and what information should I include?

In order to help future guests make better choices about where to stay, leave a review of the property - it only takes 2 minutes and benefits the Wimdu community!

Following your stay with Wimdu, we will send you an email with a link to create your review. You can also review properties after your stay by going directly to the 'Reviews' tab within your User Account.

Reviews should include real and honest facts which future guests can rely on when making a booking. Posting an honest review also allows guests to have an objective view of the property. Therefore, we suggest that you stick to facts which were relative to your stay. If you think that the host can improve the property somehow, you can leave a private review for the host to read.

You should not disclose another person's personal information in your review. Reviews which include personal information, as well as vulgar and offensive expressions, will be amended or removed by Wimdu.

Click here for more information about our terms and conditions.

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