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What is Instant Booking and how does it work?

Instant Booking is a faster, simpler and more convenient booking process than On Request Booking. With Instant Booking, all bookings made more than 5 days before the check-in date will be accepted automatically, with no need to confirm on your part. You will receive a confirmation email and an SMS informing you about your new booking. If the booking is made less than 5 days before the check-in date, you will receive a booking request. You can then accept as usual by email, SMS or by logging in to your User Account.

To be eligible for Instant Booking, you must have:

  • Completed 3 consecutive bookings
  • An acceptance rate of 80% or more
  • Cancelled a booking no more than once in the last 6 months.

Since booking requests are confirmed automatically with Instant booking, it is very important to keep your calendar up to date in order to avoid cancellation.

Click here for information about how to activate Instant Booking. To find out more about the benefits of the Instant Booking, click here.

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