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How can I import my Airbnb, Google or HomeAway calendar to my Wimdu calendar?

Using the Calendar Synchronization: Import a calendar function located in the "My Listings > View Calendar" of your user account, you can automatically keep your Wimdu calendar synchronized with external calendar platforms that use the standard iCal format. Please note that you can only import working ICS files.

Airbnb     Google     HomeAway

If you want to import a calendar from another external platform, please consult this article.


How to Import your Airbnb calendar in 3 steps:

1 - Log-in to Airbnb and go to "Sync Calendars" (Host > Calendar > Choose the listing you want to sync > Availability Settings (top right corner) >  Sync Calendars)

2 - Click on “Export Calendar” and copy the link


3 - Paste the link into your Wimdu Calendar, name your calendar and click “Confirm” (located in My Listings > View Calendar)



How to Import your Google Calendar in 4 steps:

IMPORTANT! Please note that your Google calendar needs to be set to “Make the calendar public” before you can synchronize it with your Wimdu calendar. You can update access in the “Share this Calendar” section of your Google Calendar settings.

1- In Google calendar, click on the cog icon in the top right corner then choose Settings


2- Go to “Calendars” and click on the calendar you want to import. Scroll down to the "Integrate Calendar" section.


3- Click on the “Public address in iCal format” box and copy the iCal link inside it. After copying the iCal link, don’t forget to make sure your calendar public.


Make your calendar public: 


4- Paste the iCal link into the calendar session of the offer in “Import a calendar” on Wimdu, name your calendar and click “Confirm”.



How to Import your HomeAway Calendar in 3 steps:

1 - Log-in as an owner to HomeAway and go to Import/Export Calendar icon (Host > Calendar > Choose the listing you want to sync > Calendar > Import/Export Calendar icon)

2 - Click on “Export Calendar” and copy the link


3 - Paste the link into your Wimdu calendar,  name your calendar and click “Import” (located in My Listings > View Calendar).




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