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How can I activate SMS notification for booking requests? How does it work?

To activate SMS notification:

  • Go to the ‘Account Settings’ section of your User Account.
  • Click on ‘Notifications’.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and check the ‘Receive SMS’ box next to the listings you want to receive SMS notifications for.
  • Click the ‘Save’ button.

You can specify an individual code or name for each of your listings. This code/name will be sent with the SMS and makes it easier for you to identify the listing which has received a booking request. You can make this change in the Notifications section of your User Account by entering the code/name you want to give to a listing and clicking 'Save'. The code can consist of a maximum of 12 characters (alphanumeric).

By activating the SMS feature, you will receive a notification via SMS whenever you get a booking request for one of your listings. Reply with the number ‘11’ to accept a booking request, or reply with the number ‘99’ to decline a booking request. Always reply from the phone number to which the notification was sent otherwise our system cannot process your response correctly.

It is completely free to receive SMS notifications from Wimdu. Replying to the SMS will cost the same as a standard network rate message. You are likely to receive notifications from different numbers. This is dependent on our network provider. Please note that replying to a number from abroad may incur higher costs.

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