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What information should be included in the ‘House Rules’ section of my listing?

The ‘House Rules’ section of your listing should be used to clearly state and summarize any special conditions or restrictions that guests should know BEFORE booking your property.

Some examples of house rules include:

  • Rules about noise and general behaviour
  • Rules about smoking and pets
  • Additional fees i.e. security deposit, late check-in fees
  • Optional extra fees i.e. airport transfers, breakfast, bicycle hire

The House Rules should contain information regarding extra fees and how and when guests should pay, so that guests are fully informed of all conditions of staying at your property before placing their booking. Any extra fees should only be paid in cash on arrival or during the guest's stay. Advance payment via credit card, bank transfer, cheque or PayPal is not allowed. Remember to include concise information and limit the text to 900 characters. 

Please note that it is not possible to ask guests for a cleaning fee if it has not been stated in your listing or set by you in the Additional Costs section. 

Click here for more information about adding a cleaning fee.

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