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How do I create a listing?

Before listing a property, you need to already have a Wimdu User Account. You can sign up for free by clicking on ‘Log in’ at the top right of the website, then click on 'Sign up here'.

On the sign up page you can either create an account by connecting via your Facebook account or by entering your name, email address and a strong password.

To create a new listing make sure you are signed in with your User Account then:

  • Click on the ‘List your place’ button at the top of the page.
  • Enter the address and details of your property.
  • Click ‘Save and continue’.
  • Follow the displayed steps to complete the process.
  • Click on the ‘View online’ button to see how your property will look online.

Please note that if you have several rooms or apartments which you intend to rent separately to guests, you must create individual listings for each room/apartment being offered.

Before your listing can be published, you will need to fill in more information:

  • Click on ‘Write a title and description for your place’ and provide more specific details about your property: compose a catchy title, write an accurate description and list your house rules. This information can be included in a number of languages which can be selected from a dropdown box on the page. Your description should be approximately 130 words in length. Your first description must be in English. Click ‘Save’.
  • Click ‘Upload photos of your place’. You must:
    • Upload at least 10 pictures of your place, including a picture of each room.
    • Take photos from the corner toward a window.
    • Only upload landscape photos.
    • Take photos from a child’s perspective to more accurately display the size and layout of your place.
    • Make sure there is plenty of light when taking the photos.
    • Take photos which show what your property actually looks like.
     Upload your selected pictures and click ‘Save’.
  • Click ‘Confirm the address of your place’ to make sure that the address provided is precise and click ‘Save’.
  • Click on ‘Enter a contact number’ to provide your personal contact details. Clicking here will lead you to the ‘Details’ section of your listing where you can also choose the type of property, list the number of guests it holds, list how many bedrooms it contains, enter the size and number of floors of the property and click all the amenities available. Click ‘Save’.

Under the Calendar section of your listing you can insert any seasonal prices, calendar availability and special minimum stays. Here you can also modify your price and/or minimum stay days for a certain period of time. Click ‘Confirm’ to save these changes.

Go to the ‘Pricing and Terms’ section to check that the nightly price is correct, decide if you want to offer discounts for weekly and monthly stays, insert a cleaning fee and a fee for additional guests if required, choose your preferred cancellation policy, to choose minimum and maximum stays and your check-in/check out times.

Finally, click on the ‘View online’ button to see how your property will look like online.

Once the listing is created, you will see a confirmation message and the listing will be submitted to be checked by our SSU team. While the quality check is taking place, the offer will not be published/visible.

We also do not publish offers in Cuba, Syria, Iran, North Korea, North Sudan, Afghanistan, Sudan, South Sudan and Lebanon

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