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Why do I need to create a User Account to make a booking?

Creating a User Account on Wimdu assures a more secure booking process and improves user transparency. It is also a good way for you to introduce yourself to hosts - by providing a full profile about yourself, you decrease the possibility of refusals for your booking requests as some hosts prefer knowing a bit about their guests in advance.

We also recommend that you upload a picture of yourself as it is another way to improve user transparency and allow the host to know you a bit better. If you prefer not to upload a profile picture, give a full description about yourself so hosts can get a better view about who will be staying with in their property.

In addition, having a User Account allows you to use our messaging system where you can contact the host before you make a booking request or after your booking request has been accepted.

Furthermore, having a User Account allows you to keep records of your bookings.

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