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How can I add my tourist licence number to my listing?

Wimdu hosts can now enter their tourist licence number to their listing.  

To enter the number, simply go to 'My Listings' » 'Modify listing' » 'Details':


Please note that under article 2.6 of Wimdu's General Terms and Conditions, we point out that providers have a duty to comply with the provisions of the public law of the specific countries and cities regarding renting out living space.

For this purpose, it is particularly necessary to enter a tourist licence number(s). It is not legally possible for Wimdu to carry out a comprehensive check. Therefore, it is the responsibility of Wimdu hosts to ensure that these IDs are submitted in this field accordingly, if necessary.

Wimdu urgently requests that every provider has the required and available licence IDs submitted. Provided that this is done, they will be displayed in the offer description.

This field is not mandatory for destinations which do not require this licence.

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