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How can I set check-in and check-out on my calendar?

The calendar of your Wimdu listing includes a very useful feature that allows you to set up check-in and check-out times on Saturdays.

To set up this feature for your listing, please follow these steps:

1. Open your listing's calendar page

Go to 'My Listings' and click the 'View Calendar' option.

The first option you'll see is 'Set check-in and check-out dates':


2. Select the period to apply the changes

Use the range of dates field to select the period within which you will only accept check-in/out on Saturdays. 

Select the range of dates you wish to apply the feature for and then select the "Set check-in and check-out..." checkbox to apply the changes:


Click 'Confirm'.

3. Your calendar is now updated

Looking at the calendar, you'll notice that new icons appear on the Saturdays for the selected period, which confirms the changes made:


How will it appear to a guest booking your listing?

When a guest views your listing and clicks the check-in date field, only Saturdays will appear as an option:


Please note that this option may override the minimum stay you have set by default during this period.

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